Wedding Flowers for Upper Valley NH/VT

Oh! The refreshing crisp air and sunlight shining brightly on the snowy landscape  OR…. It’s so cold I can’t feel my head.

Either way you feel about winter, it’s always a wonderful time to celebrate love.  A white winter wedding, complete with all white blooms, greens, branches and of course a little sparkle!  That’s just what this bride wanted for her winter wedding.

For the tables we placed wreaths of plumosa and Eucalyptus with blooms of white Hydrangea around a lantern on a champagne toned runner to create a soft contrast with the white tablecloths.


As we were setting up the reception tables, a handy piece of info popped up.  The battery-operated candles, provided by the family, were charged but would not come on when the on-switch was flipped.  We just could not figure it out until the groom’s Mom realized-Hey! They must only come on when it’s dark.


She popped one under the table and PRESTO!  It came on.  Thank goodness!  I could just imagine that one guest at each table taking on the responsibility of trying to get that darn candle to work.

The wedding cake was gorgeous with detailed texture and beading on each layer. I used Roses, Spray Roses, Italian Ruscus, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and Gunni Eucalyptus. I kept the flowers simple and used dark foliage to accentuate the texture on the cake.

The bride carried a large all white hand-tied bouquet with Hydrangea, Roses, Peonies (her favorite).  This is one of the heaviest bouquets I have ever made.  Thanks to P90X, my arms didn’t fall off while making it!

Although the bouquet above is pictured with ribbon trailing,  I decided to clip and tuck the ribbon in neatly for a more formal look.  Also included in the bridal bouquet are Anemones, Astilbe, Ginesta, Stock and Dutch fringe Tulips.

Speaking of tulips, January & February is the start of tulip season!  While it’s snowing outside here in NH, in Holland spring is beginning and the tulips are popping up. We receive a case of standard and premium tulip varieties each week here in the flower shop. I could go on about tulips and tell you about their secret super power and why they are like cats, but I’ll save that for another time.

The indoor ceremony was held under an arbor with flowers in the same lush style and all white palette.



The ring bearer, who was only a year old, wore a small boutonniere secured with a safety pin and a dash of U-Glu instead of the traditional sharp boutonniere pins.  Another “good to know” if you have little ones in your wedding party!

The flower girl carried a small basket of white flower petals and wore a delicate crown of greens.

Winter is a great time to get married!  Vendors are more readily available and flexible with set up times.  Schedules for some people can ease up after the holidays as well.  You also won’t have to worry about scheduling around other weddings you may be attending.

If you’re planning a winter wedding and Peonies are one of your favorites too, be sure to catch my earlier blog “Year Round Truth”, where I talk a little bit about Peony availability.

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