Wedding Flowers for Upper Valley NH/VT
Wrist and pin-on corsages for Mom's and Dad's of the bride & Groom by Safflowers Weddings of Enfield NH

Must read tips!

Before you choose your favorite florist aka flower person

Safflower   First things first. When choosing your florist, have your bridesmaids dress colors picked out with a swatch of the dress fabric you can give to your florist. This is a key component of the florist’s planning process. A swatch is ideal due to color online variation between device screens. Be open to flower colors that compliment the dresses (a color directly across on the color wheel) rather than one matching. This will look more contemporary, personal, fun and really pop in photographs.

Safflower   If you don’t have specific colors- maybe your party is picking out their own attire in shades of a color or all different colors. That’s great too! Flowers can easily create a cohesive look here.

Safflower   Know the simple 20/10 rule for centerpieces. Tall centerpieces need to start at 20” high. Low centerpieces need to be 10” or lower (the distance from your elbow to wrist). This space in between is a must have for great easy conversation.

Safflower   Contrast is crucial. If you just adore the simple, elegant look of an all white bridal bouquet, let your florist include seasonal greens to give it a natural current look. This also creates contrast to your wedding dress. A combination of highly textured foliage, grasses or berries work perfectly to achieve this look. For a rustic accent think about brown or tan textured vines or leaves. For a glam look, think of gold accents.

Safflower   More on color. If you have a large reception area (more than 5 tables) choose any warm color palette such as hues of yellow, orange, salmon, pink, red or burgundy for your table centerpieces. This will have more impact and give the reception a cozier feel. Cooler colors such as blue and purple recede into the background looking smaller especially in a larger venue.

Safflower   Be picky on Pinterest. Have at least 3-5 photos from your online searches to show your florist BUT only choose photos you absolutely love at first glance. You may not love everything about a photo but name the one thing that grabbed you; the color, shape, texture, ribbon used or maybe it makes you think of that fairytale wedding you’ve had in the back of your mind since the age of five.

Safflower   No pressure. Don’t buy into wedding websites that tell you that you have to know flower varieties. Hogwash. That’s like your mechanic expecting you to know every component of an automobile. This is where your florist’s expertise comes into play. All you need to do is express what your personal style is. Check out my blog for more on personal style.

Safflower   Email smarter! During the planning process, jot down ideas, questions and changes and pop them all together in one email rather than emailing as you go. This will save you loads of time and keep your to do list organized.

Safflower   Make it personal. Make your wedding day plans as personal to you and your fiancé as possible. Remember a loved one with a memento of theirs incorporated into the bridal bouquet, have your florist wrap your bouquet with an heirloom fabric or pick a flower that has meaning for you.

Safflower   Book Early & avoid worry: When it comes to picking your florist, there is no need to have every small detail at the ready. The basic pieces needed, a few photos reflecting your wedding style and a budget is all you need. If you find a florist who’s work you love and you feel you can really trust, book your date PRONTO to ensure you’re not scrambling last minute. Fill out my inquiry form if you’re ready to get started today!

“We loved the arrangements. The flower choices were perfect. Once they were placed on the tables they became the highlight of the room. It
was a fun wedding.”


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