Wedding Flowers for Upper Valley NH/VT

You’re engaged to be married and have set that date.  Congratulations! Now you find yourself staring blankly at a to-do list as long as your last Pinterest binge.  You may be thinking…. I don’t know a Ranunculus from a Rice flower.  (photos below in case you’re like me and just gotta know)

How the heck do I go about choosing flowers?  There are so many and how do I know which ones are available for my wedding day.

Well that’s just it. You don’t have to know all of these details.  Let’s say you like soft ruffled blooms or big, bold happy flowers or dainty flowers that look like they’re swaying in the breeze in some dreamy field in Tuscany.  Have you ever seen something that just made you say “wow that’s beautiful” or “that’s unusual but I like it” Whatever catches your eye or whatever your go to outfit is, is a reflection of your personal style.

Here are just a few ideas of style as it may relate to flowers, but really the sky’s the limit as far as diversity goes.  You may be open to quite a few different styles you feel comfortable in or maybe you know exactly what makes you feel like yourself when you walk in a room-you know that self assured confident in my own skin feeling.

You love tradition but have a Romantic side~ Soft toned Roses, Hydrangea & Queen Anne’s Lace

Casual and back to nature~ Garden Zinnias and wild grapevine with field greens

Classic Glam vibe~ Formal combination of Gardenias, Stephanotis and gilded leaves and champagne satin ribbon

Simple & Elegant~ White Calla Lilies tied with Lily grass

Edgy Boho~ A head crown of oversized blooms of Begonia, Dahlia and Ranunculus

Prim & Pretty~  A sweet cluster of textured Gomphrena, German Statice and Chamomile

Light-hearted free spirit~  Cosmos, Lisianthus and Frittaleria

This is gonna sound like a detour but I promise it’ll come right back around.

There used to be this large barn I would see as I drove to some local cliffs for a day of climbing.  Although you could hardly tell, because it was so faded and falling down,  it had been that bright barn red at one time.  In fact it was most likely considered and eyesore to most people I’m sure.

Let’s say it was shabby chic without the chic.  Even though it appealed to me right away,  I became even more and more drawn (well obsessed actually)to it and each time I drove by I just had to look at it, kind of like when you can’t take your eyes off of the moon as if in a trance.  Hey people-this is what you miss when you’re looking down at your phones all the time.

Even though the barn was large and cumbersome, it had a soft, delicate sense that seemed to come from the sun and wear and tear over the years.   It looked defeated and beautiful at the same time- like a watercolor, the colors subtle and washed out but full of light.  I made a mental note to photograph it before it was inevitably torn down.

The appeal of the subtle color palette and texture of the barn to me wasn’t merely a passing whim but a reflection on my own personal style.  I almost always choose this muted color palette along with interesting textures whether it’s in clothing, home décor or wrapping paper.

The point is you know your personal style just as well as you know your favorite pair of jeans.  You know if you like neat as a pin or wild and wiggy.  Finding your wedding flower style is as simple as taking a cue from your wardrobe or your screensaver or some run down barn by the side of the road.

A great florist can easily translate this into your wedding flowers.  I’d love to get to know you and your style.  The rest is a piece of wedding cake or a cupcake depending.

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