Wedding Flowers for Upper Valley NH/VT

I love it when it rains and I love it when it snows and it’s been doing a lot of both these last few months.  It makes some people cranky. Who blames them? However it makes me want to snuggle in and go to work on those to do lists and business projects that just won’t get done when it’s nice out.

Personally I love how bad weather slows me down and forces me to contemplate, look back and take stock.   It is, naturally, the end of another year.  It’s tempting to look ahead to 2019 but before I do that, I like to take time to appreciate all the things that have happened over this last year.

Looking back on the wedding season of 2018,  I am so grateful for all of the sweet couples and thankful parents who trusted me with one of the most important days of their lives.

Smelly … a good way

A wedding in August featured fresh herbs; Rosemary, Sage and Lavender.  As the sage stems were soft new growth, I opted for wrapping just the leaves around the handle making a pattern.  The bridesmaid carried a lovely tussie mussie; a small tightly clustered bouquet.  Each centerpiece was full of textured blooms and foliage designed in simple gray wash wooden boxes.

Both the ceremony and reception were at the Shaker Hill B&B just up the road from the shop.  Owner Nancy Smith has beautiful gardens throughout the property perched on top of Shaker Hill Road.  The bride and groom asked me to create an arbor arrangement for the ceremony area in the heart of Nancy’s garden.  It was a stunning setting!  Although it was hot and humid threatening rain, the ceremony and reception remained dry and the flowers held up beautifully.


In September, I delivered wedding flowers to the Enfield Community building.  When I handed the bride her bouquet, she burst into tears.  Fortunately I’ve had this happen over the years and they were all happy tears as these were too.  Flowers do have that amazing power to bring out our emotions.

Eucalyptus continued to be a popular foliage this season.  Many couples requested it by name,particularly the variety named “silver dollar”.  Its bluish green hue brings out the best in a lot of colors, but especially deep plums, purples and reds.

My new favorite wedding palette this year is not a color palette at all but multi-colored or polychromatic.  A riot of color ranging from hot Mango Callas, red Anemones, purple Veronica,  blue Delphinium, almost black scabiosa and almost every color in between.  Groupings of heavily saturated hues gives tons of contrast and liveliness to a wedding celebration.


One must have fun

A fun detour to weddings during the summer was a photo shoot I did at the Lake Morey Inn in Fairlee, VT.   They brought in a local professional photographer, Charlie Parker, to shoot their new bar.   I created lush florals for the reception tables, cocktail tables, mantles, Chandeliers as well as the bar area.   It was fun to see the process of getting the light just right and having the freedom to move pieces around to change the overall effect.

Hot pink Roses with Hydrange and fern accent at Lake Morey resort by Safflowers Weddings of Enfield NH

Hyrangea, Roses, Delphinium and Hypericum berry with hanging Amaranth and fern in glass

Fun Chandelier floral design by Safflowers Weddings with Hydrangea, hanging amaranth and hot pink phlox.

Chandelier with Hydrangea, hanging Amaranth and hot pink phlox, Lake Morie Resort.
Photography by Charles Parker

The icing on the cake(pun intended) was the completion of this website you’re on right now.  After a year of planning, writing, rewriting and photo editing and with the help and professional expertise of WebSavvy Studio, Safflowers Weddings went live!

What’s a dogsage?

After the hard work was done,  I got a little silly and invited Karen from WebSavvy and her sweet pup “Fern” to take part in a photo shoot.  I made Fern a dogsage crown to wear between her ears.   The crown was made with succulents, Gerpoms, Roses, Hypericum berries, locally sourced foliages, sword Fern and Foxtail Fern. She was so good as we worked to get the right photo of her but she was definitely ready at the end to have that thing taken off her head!

I hope you had time to do something silly this year.  If you’re looking for ideas on corsages and boutonnieres for your wedding day, head over to my portfolio page and check out the details category.


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