Wedding Flowers for Upper Valley NH/VT

Talk about a million dollar question!  Well, probably not a million unless you’re a Hollywood celebrity and who wants to be one of those these days?

This is a question that deserves an in-depth answer.

Let’s go over some basics here on wedding flower budgets.  This is such a hot topic among florists these days from every part of the globe when it comes to weddings; big and small.  As professionals, we forget that  many couples have never been married before.  You may have no idea of the cost of most aspects of your wedding day.  You, most likely,  have never plunked a deposit down on a venue, florist, caterer, photographer musician or baker.

So why do flowers cost what they do?

The answer lies in all those details necessary for you to receive fresh, beautiful, expertly designed floral pieces on your wedding day.

First:  A lengthy planning process entails designing each floral piece.  I like to sketch out designs to get a visual feel in the beginning. Then I calculate the components, leaving part of the design open-ended to make room for seasonal availability.  Your flowers are then sourced both locally and from around the world depending on your specific needs.

Second: I personally pick up and transport your flowers back to the shop or they are delicately packed and shipped.  I may wild-source some of your blooms and greens. Next is preparation for hydration and hydration itself.  This may be the most important step and requires extensive experience with each variety of bloom and foliage being used.  Once hydration is complete, designing can begin.

This part is the glam shot of the industry grabbing all of the attention with videos of flowers being arranged at lighting speed.  Don’t be fooled by how easy it looks.  It may take an hour to as long as three hours to create one bridal bouquet.  Superstar finesse of fine motor skills is combined with the knowledge of intricate mechanics in every style of design.  Finally, every placement is scrutinized for perfection, even in designs that look simple and easy.  Your florist most likely will stay awake the night before your wedding mentally double-checking every detail.

So that’s it right?

What else is there besides flowers? The not so glamorous details.

Third:  In addition to the actual cost and designing of the flowers, there is a myriad of hard goods to coordinate; containers holding the flowers, table runners, candles, fabric for arbors, ribbon and special mechanics worked out ahead of time to attach flowers to chairs, pews, railings and mantles.

Fourth:  Last but not least(because these are big numbers) are the overhead expenses and logistics every business is responsible for; staff, rent, utilities, taxes, insurance, marketing and all that is associated with owning and maintaining delivery vehicles.  Businesses that are not keeping track of these numbers may be here today but gone tomorrow.

What will the flowers for my own wedding cost?

Get comfy and get real with numbers.

I know many of you are just not comfortable talking about money matters sometimes even with those closest to you.

But! Here’s the thing:  You’ve got to talk about budget early and often when planning a wedding.  Become a pro at this early on and you will have major payoffs in the long run.   You have a lifetime of financial decisions ahead to make.  Grab a pen and paper, a cup of coffee, tea, or a margarita depending on your situation, and get cozy with your finances.

It’s not real until it’s written down

Write down your total wedding budget.  Then list the main categories of your wedding.  Pick the categories that are the most important to you and allocate more dollars to them.

Write this numbers down-on a real piece of paper with a real pen.  Not on your phone where it can be deleted.  Even if you crumple up that piece of paper, those numbers still exist…. ok maybe that’s just me and yes I know there’s medication for that, but honestly, don’t shy away from knowing what you can afford and what you can’t.

Next make a list of all the floral related items you will need.   Check out my inquiry form to see some of the basics to get you started.

Don’t have a wedding date set or your venue picked out?  If you don’t know how many attendants you’ll have or a rough idea of how many guests you’ll invite, I’ve gotta be honest here-you may not be ready to get a quote from a florist.

If you do have the basics down, find your florist, aka, flower person as soon as possible, fill out the inquiry form and get that wedding date booked!

You made it!

Yay!  You stuck with me to this point so you’re smarter than the average bear.

Every florist has their own guidelines for the costs of wedding flowers they provide – Heres mine!

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