Wedding Flowers for Upper Valley NH/VT

This sweet bride called me at the shop requesting flowers for a June handfasting wedding. OH CRAP! I panicked inwardly as we chatted about her big day. I had no idea what a handfasting ceremony was, so my fingers flew on the keyboard….Thank-you google!

A handfasting ceremony is an ancient Celtic marriage ritual where the couple binds their hands together with ribbons….the origin of the phrase “tying the knot”

The bride planned an intimate gathering to take place at the edge of the woodland on a circle of flower petals.

I was so excited for this wedding which had an unfussed -with design style with a natural relaxed feel, full of movement and texture. I like to create flower crowns with wonderful tiny details and love it when a floral piece invites you in to take a closer look over and over again.

This asymmetrical flower crown is designed with red Dahlias, pink Phalaenopsis Orchids, peach tuberous Begonia bloom, Clematis vine, grapevine, English ivy, Spanish moss, gray moss and curly wurly. Wait….. what?
Yes. Curly Wurly! This fun little plant is really called Curly Wurly. Ok. I just like to say Curly Wurly.

Woodland boutonniere for Celtic wedding designed by Safflowers Weddings

Woodland boutonniere for Celtic wedding designed by Safflowers Weddings

The groom wore a boutonniere with a single red Dahlia, small Begonia bloom, wild fern and moss tucked in with an Ajuga root trailing. By far the coolest boutonniere I have ever made.

The flower circle was made with petals from Roses, Hydrangea and local Peony blooms. They were so fragrant that in spite of the warning label I wanted to stick my head into this enormous plastic bag of flower petals and inhale deeply. I finally came to my senses.

I tossed in some orchid blossoms for just a little decadence. After all, every couple should have a some decadence on their wedding day.

I like to make my flower crowns light and fully adjustable with the focal blooms positioned where the bride chooses.

Quick tip: When wearing a fresh flower crown, head wreath or halo, however you refer to them, always have a few bobby pins on hand to keep the crown secure during the ceremony as well as for pictures.

If you’re thinking about a flower crown for your wedding, let me create the perfect one for you. From light and dainty crowns with just a wisp of soft greenery to a full, lush grouping of blooms in rich bold tones there are infinite looks to go with your unique style. Looking for more ideas for flower crowns? Comment below or Contact me.

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