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Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

Oh! The refreshing crisp air and sunlight shining brightly on the snowy landscape  OR.... It's so cold I can't feel my head. Either way you feel about winter, it's always a wonderful time to celebrate love.  A white winter wedding, complete with all white blooms,...

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Flower crown for a Handfasting

This sweet bride called me at the shop requesting flowers for a June handfasting wedding. OH CRAP! I panicked inwardly as we chatted about her big day. I had no idea what a handfasting ceremony was, so my fingers flew on the keyboard….Thank-you google! A handfasting...

I love it when it rains

I love it when it rains and I love it when it snows and it’s been doing a lot of both these last few months.  It makes some people cranky. Who blames them? However it makes me want to snuggle in and go to work on those to do lists and business projects that just won’t...

The Year Round Truth About Seasonal Flowers

I know this tip about using seasonal flowers to save money is so common place now it’s starting to sound silly… Actually it is silly.. very  silly. On the surface it sounds smart and who doesn’t want to be smart about their wedding flowers. Before I get into this,...

That time I fell in the ditch

We all fall in the proverbial ditch once in a while but this was an actual ditch with standing water deep enough to pour in over the top of my wellies. Add in the steep part, and ass over tea kettle I went....well, I thought to myself "I'm definitely here now, I may...

Ranunculus Who?/ Knowing your personal style

You’re engaged to be married and have set that date.  Congratulations! Now you find yourself staring blankly at a to-do list as long as your last Pinterest binge.  You may be thinking…. I don’t know a Ranunculus from a Rice flower.  (photos below in case you’re like...

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